Who is Mahmut Selekoğlu ?

Adres :
Guzelyalı Mah. 81027 Sok. Servet Apt. .No: 8 Adana-Turkey
Phone : +90 322 2329300
GSM : +90 532-3566728
E-Posta : info@mahmutselekoglu.com.tr / mahmutselekoglu@gmail.com


1989 - 1994 Electrical Engineer
1994 - 2000 Electrical Chief Engineer
2000 - 2002 Energy Manager
2002 - 2013 Technical Service Manager

Managing the electrical&electronics department in terms of maintenance, investment and energy efficiency between the years of 2000 and 2002 as Energy Manager
Managing the departments of mechanical maintenance, electrical-electronics maintenance, civil construction, planning & investment and supply departments between the years of 2002 and 2007 as Technical Service Manager
Managing the electrical & electronics departments in terms of maintenance, investment and energy efficiency between the years of 2007 and 2013 as Technical Service Manager
Managing the Energy Management Department founded as required by law of Energy Efficiency Law between the years of 2002 and 2013

Moreover :

- Having "Energy Manager" certificate by EIE(YEGM) in 2002
- Leading the Energy Efficiency Audit studies in five Oyak Cement Plants
- Leading the project of Process Control Optimization(Exp. Opt.) for Kilns and Mills
- Leading and/or participating for some important energy efficiency projects in various platforms
- Leading the project of Solar Energy Plant with power of 500 kW for electricity generation
- Leading the studies for ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification
- Membership of committee preparing Sustainability Report for Turkish Cement Producers Association (TCMB)
- Membership of committee preparing Sustainability Report for OYAK Group
- Participation in competition of "Energy Efficiency Projects in Industry, 2005" leaded by me in Adana Cimento and being first in competition
- Participation for some energy efficiency projects in Energy Ministry on behalf of TCMB
- The membership of Energy Committee in TCMB
- The membership of Energy Committee in Chamber of Electrical Engineers(EMO) and realizing many presentations and training in EMO
- Representing Adana Cimento and TCMB for energy efficiency field at many Natioanal and International platforms(conference, panel, TV&Radio sessions etc. both in Turkey and abroad as speakers
- Presentations at International Cemtech Conferences in Turkey and in Switzerland
- Publishing articles in the foreign and domestic reviews
- Being lecturer for many educations on energy efficiency organized by TCMB
- So on..

Taking part in the investments of :

Precalcination of kiln line
Conversion of grey clinker line to white clinker line
Clinker and slag grinding plants
Cement packing, shrink and loading units and ready mixed concrete plants
Many other investments..

Some of the projects planned and directed :

Preparation and evaluation of bid documents for Combined Cycle Power Plant with fuels of natural gas, naphta, diesel and coal
Mechanical construction, HV, MV & LV electrification and process automation of kiln lines, cement mills and coal mills
Four 154/6.3 kV substations
154 kV and 31,5 kV overhead lines
Many 31,5/6,3 kV substations
Conversion of 66/6.3 kV substation to 154/6.3 kV substation
Energy monitoring system for whole plant
Energy and Process Efficiency Surveys(Audit Works) in 5 Cement Plants belonging Oyak Group
The plants were surveyed in detail beginning from the crushers to packing units in production, mechanic, electric, electronic and others subjects. Mass balance, thermal balance and electrical balance studies were fulfilled. The pressurized air optimization works (detecting the leakages, bag filters, compressor automation etc.) were realized. Processes efficiencies were calculated (Cyclones, kilns, clinker coolers, seperators, mills and so on). Inefficient equipment like motor, fan etc. were determined. Lighting systems were examined. The subject of Waste Heat Recovery was examined. Finally, detailed reports were prepared including all determinations and recommendations.

0,5 MWp PV Type Solar Power Plant
- Solar Power Plant which was the first approved by state and first started-up on 7th of May 2013 in Turkey
- Solar panel: 2088 ea
- Inverters: 30 ea
- Production: 780.000 kWh/year

Process Optimization of Kilns and Mills (Expert Optimizer)
Certification of ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Some of Published Articles :

An Approach To Energy Efficiency in Cement Industry (World Cement)
How To Be Energy Efficient (World Cement)
Tapping The Sun Potential (World Cement)
Process Control Optimization For Rotary Kilns and Mills (Çimento ve Beton Dünyası)
Video Link for Cemtech Presentation in Geneva: http://youtu.be/JofkmfMs1So

BOTAS Ankara

1984 - 1988 Electrical Engineer
Taking part in the investments of;
Yumurtalık-Kırıkkale Crude Oil Pipeline
Iraq-Turkey 2. Crude Oil Pipeline
Russia-Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline
Marmara Ereğlisi LNG Storage